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Constructing A Plant Cell Project

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Constructing A Plant Cell Project

You will be constructing a model of a plant cell..  All models must be made out of materials that will not spoil.  Your project must be labeled.  You may label each organelle or create a key.


Each model must include the following organelles:

·      Cell Wall

·      Cell Membrane

·      Nucleus with nucleolus

·      Cytoplasm

·      Endoplasmic Reticulum

·      Golgi Bodies

·      Ribosomes

·      Mitochondria

·      Vacuoles

·      Chloroplasts




  • Your name must be on the front

  • You must tell that it is a Plant Cell.  Just right the word Plant Cell like it is above.

  • The model must be 3-D representation

  • Must include the 10 organelles listed above

  • Each organelle must be labeled correctly and you must tell me the function of the organelle

  • You must use something different to represent each organelle



You could be awarded with a bonus (5 extra credit points) if your project is selected to be the Most Scientific or Most Attractive.  Two students from each class will be awarded this title.






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